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4. January 2021

Frequently asked questions

1. ) How much does my move cost?

The effort required for each move is always very individual. The cost of a move depends on
how much furniture needs to be moved. We would calculate the number of movers required
and how the the moving-out and moving-in locations are positioned (the stairwell, the lift size,
the parking, the sidewalk, etc. etc.). Some 2-room apartments have more furniture than 5-
room apartments. This is why we like to quote on each individual move.
With the help of a phone call an e-mail / WhatsApp / Facebook chat / and photos we can
nearly be sure how many workers, contracts and hours are needed. For apartments with 3 or
more rooms, a free and non-binding inspection of the property and the move is very helpful.
Alternatively, you can of course send us photos or videos of the the goods that need to be
moved, so that we can estimate the amount of effort required in minute detail.

Experience has shown that one can expect the following average prices (without final
1 room apartments = CHF 550.00 to CHF 850.00
2 room apartments = CHF 750.00 to CHF 1050.00
3 room apartments = CHF 950.00 to CHF 1350.00
4 room apartments = CHF 1450.00 to CHF 1800.00
5 room apartments = CHF 1800.00 to CHF 2600.00

2.) Why are there such large price differences between the moving companies?

We are aware that there are cheaper providers in our industry, but unfortunately cheap is usually more expensive in this segment too. For example: it will not lead to saving money if the hourly rate is cheaper and the move ultimately takes 2 hours longer due to poor workflow and unprofessional loading. In addition, you have to ask yourself whether the prices are realistic and whether all social security contributions etc. are paid. Unfortunately there are a lot of “black sheep” in our industry who offer the whole package for dumping prices, but the quality usually speaks for itself, or rather the poor quality. A comparison is certainly always good, but we warmly recommend you to check the company based on reviews and experiences of your circle of friends, etc. In summary, however, one can say: Quality has its price and if your belongings are important and / or valuable to you, we recommend that you book a good quality moving company.