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4. February 2021

Moving boxes & packing materials

Customers who choose us, automatically benefit from our relocation loan service:

For the sake of the environment (and for your sake too), we have decided not to sell the moving boxes but we lend them instead, for free of charge (excluding a delivery and collection fee from ONLY CHF 49.00). We deliver the desired packaging material right to your doorstep at a fair price and pick it up after the move. The rental period does not matter and makes no difference to the price. Order 1 month before your move and unpack the boxes without stress after your move. The flat delivery and collection service fee (from ONLY CHF 49.00) depends on the number of boxes any additional items and your delivery and collection area.

The delivery and collection of the moving boxes / packing materials for logistical, ecological and organizational reasons only takes place on Friday. Orders must reach us by 12:00 noon on Wednesday at the latest. For all other days or short-term orders, an additional fee of CHF 50.00 will be charged.

By the way this HAPPY service only applies to customers who move with us and you will automatically receive the link to the order form after placing your order.

Upon request, we can also offer you the following packaging materials (sales

  • Tissue paper for packing fragile items from CHF 3.50 / KG
  • Bubble wrap for packing and upholstering delicate objects such as glass, pictures or mirrors and furniture, etc. (from CHF 2.50 / linear meter)
  • Wine boxes for your wine collection (price on request)
  • Kitchen sets for your dishes and glasses etc. (price on request)

You might not know how many boxes you need?

These are average number of moving boxes required:

1-room apartments: approx. 20-30 boxes

2-room apartments: approx. 30-40 boxes

3-room apartments: approx. 40-60 boxes

4 room apartments: approx. 70-80 boxes

5 room apartments: approx. 90-100 boxes

over 6 rooms: approx. 100-120 boxes